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Celeb apologizes for mocking teen
Rapper 50 Cent is facing backlash after posting a video where he accuses a disabled teenage airport employee of being ... ...

Caffeine in pregnancy linked to childhood weight gain

Most pregnant women know to avoid certain foods and drinks, such as raw meat and alcohol. But a new study lends weight to the notion that a high intake of caffeinated substances may also be detrimental to a baby's health. Read More ...
Posted on: 04/24/18

Drinkers have more bad bacteria in their mouths

Your mouth naturally contains about 700 types of bacteria, some good but others not so much. The mouths of people who routinely drank one or more alcoholic beverages each day contained an overabundance of bad bacteria and a smaller amount of good bacteria than those of nondrinkers, new research has ... Read More ...
Posted on: 04/24/18

Read a love letter Bush Sr. sent to Barbara Bush during WWII

In 1943, George H.W. Bush was more than 40 years away from becoming the 41st President of the United States. He was 19 and serving in the Navy during World War II. He was also deeply in love with his fiancee, Ms. Barbara Pierce, who would go on to be ... Read More ...
Posted on: 04/24/18

Allegations threaten Ronny Jackson nomination

Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee are raising concerns about allegations of improper conduct involving Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, President Donald Trump's nominee to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs and are reviewing them to determine if they are substantial enough to upend his nomination. Read More ...
Posted on: 04/24/18

What to watch in Arizona's special election

Arizonans vote today to fill the seat left vacant by former Rep. Trent Franks, who resigned in December amid sexual harassment accusations from members of his staff. Read More ...
Posted on: 04/24/18

Why the electoral battlefield is expanding

Two recent polls indicating surprising Democratic strength in Senate races across the Southwest underscore how the parties' shifting demographic and geographic bases of support are widening the electoral battlefield. Read More ...
Posted on: 04/24/18

Why Americans don't do anything about shootings

In October, 2017, the worst mass shooting in US history took place at a country music concert in Las Vegas. Fifty-eight people were killed and more than 500 people injured. Bill O'Reilly boiled the massacre down to six words: "This is the price of freedom." Read More ...
Posted on: 04/24/18

Taken from their parents: There is nothing right about this

It's hard to imagine a policy crueler than one reported by the New York Times on Saturday. A review of government data found, and federal officials confirmed, that about 700 migrant children had been taken away from their parents at the southern border since October. More than 100 were younger ... Read More ...
Posted on: 04/24/18

Clapper: We've worked to stop terrorism. Trump's travel ban fuels it

Speaking in Davos this January, President Donald Trump promised that, "when it comes to terrorism, we will do whatever is necessary to protect our nation." It's a commitment we share with the President. In fact, developing and implementing lawful and effective counterterrorism strategies and policies used to be our jobs ... Read More ...
Posted on: 04/24/18

I put a statue of a woman where only men stand

Just over two years ago, I took my dog, Poppy, for a run through London. It was March 8, 2016: International Women's Day. Read More ...
Posted on: 04/24/18



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